Tampa Car Accident Along Bayshore Boulevard

Another unfortunate Tampa car accident occurred Friday night as rescue workers attempted to help a Hillsborough Bay driver whose car crashed right through the balustrade on Bayshore Boulevard. The driver, who was not breathing when he was taken out of his car, was taken by the rescue workers to Tampa for personal injury treatment at the Tampa General Hospital.

On their way to the hospital, rescue workers were able to restore the man’s pulse, though he was still not able to breathe on his own. A few witnesses were on hand to describe the scene as the man’s car drive right through the balustrade and directly into the bay.

Fortunately, no pedestrians were caught in the car’s path during the accident. Bayshore Boulevard was still crowded with people walking and exercising at the time of the crash. Some witnesses were within a few feet of the car when it lost control and drove into the water, escaping by only a narrow margin.

The car left a trail of damage before plunging into the water. Several of the balusters were taken down into the bay along with the car as well as a large chunk of the concrete railing along the heavily populated sidewalk. A 10-foot hole was left by the car.

After seeing the disastrous plunge of the car, at least three people immediately dove into the water in order to try to rescue the driver. Unfortunately, as the car was fully submerged underwater, it was a difficult task, and ultimately none of these initial rescue attempts were successful.

A dive team from the Tampa Police Department was able to arrive five minutes after the crash. They were able to pull the unconscious man from his car within a matter of minutes. In an attempt to save the man’s life, the team rigorously worked to pump the man’s chest and expel all of the seawater from his body.

After the man was taken to the hospital, police divers aided a towing company in retrieving the car from the bay. Though the condition of the driver remains uncertain, it is fortunate that there was no one else in the car at the time and that no pedestrians were killed or injured as well.