Four Myths and Misconceptions about Slip and Fall Accidents You Should Know

slip and fall signSlips, trips and falls account for 22 percent of all sprains, strains and tear cases requiring time off from work.

Despite the gravity of these types of accidents, there are some common myths and misconceptions surrounding slip and fall accidents that are worth spending some time dispelling.

Myth #1: Slip and Fall Incidents Are Caused by Missteps or Clumsiness

While this may be a factor in a trip and fall or slip and fall injury, it is not always the cause. The property owner must take care that pedestrian areas around their premises are properly maintained. Working to identify conditions that could lead to slip and fall incidents can be aided by the Montgomery Insurance Company’s instructive Incident Investigation Form.

Myth #2: Shiny Floors Are Slippery

It is true that wet floors are slip and fall hazards. Not all shiny floors are wet. In fact, a clean and properly buffed floor presents an increased slip resistance. Impediments to walking can be corrected in the course of regular cleaning of floor surfaces. These would include such things as loose tiles, clothing, and other objects that might present a trip and fall hazard.

Myth #3: The More Slip Resistant, the Better

Not so. Having a slip resistant surface or applying slip resistant tapes can go a long way to preventing injury. However, too much and an otherwise excellent idea creates a sticky surface that can quickly create a misstep.

Myth #4: Strong Cleaning Products Make Floors Safer

The key to a clean floor is not necessarily using the strongest cleaner available. The key is a clean mop and bucket. These maintenance tools, if not properly cleaned, can spread dirt and other slippery substances back onto the floor. Detergents that do not rinse clean may leave slippery soap scum on floors.

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