Ride Safe: What to Do If Your Car Is Recalled

It is never good news when a manufacturer notifies a car owner that the vehicle has a safety defect.

Besides the hassle of having the safety defect repaired, the owner now knows they have been driving a car that is unsafe. Understanding how to proceed when notified of an automotive manufacturer’s safety recall can make the process less complicated.

It Is the Law

Under Title 49 of the United States Code Chapter 301 the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Administration (NHTSA) has the authority to order the manufacturer to recall vehicles that have defects affecting safety. Often manufacturers will initiate a recall. However, should the manufacturer be resistant, the NHTSA may intervene through court action.

Get the Facts

Whether voluntary or court ordered, the manufacturer must inform owners, distributors, and dealers of the safety defect. Hearing about a safety related recall on the news is not necessarily notification. An official notification of the recall should be received via first class mail. Waiting for the proper notification will provide the information the car owner needs.

Should a car owner suspect that there is a manufacturer’s recall for their vehicle, but has not received official notification the NHTSA website contains lists recalls. This useful online resource allows car owners to determine which make, model, accessory, or transmission is recalled. In addition, the car owner can find a manufacturer’s phone number in case no information arrived in the mail regarding the recall.

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