Record Number of Recalls Issued to Prevent Defective Product Injuries by Faulty Airbags

srs airbagAirbags Should Save Lives – Not Endanger Them!

When you think of the airbag in your car, you are reassured that, in the event of a crash, you will be protected.

Indeed, airbags have saved many lives since they first appeared en masse in 1981 Mercedes S-Class automobiles. Between 1991 and 2001, airbags saved an average of 2,000 lives a year.

The problem is that injuries occur when the airbag systems do not function correctly. One of two things usually happens: The airbag either goes off early during a crash, leaving the occupant of the car without the extra protection, or it simply goes off without warning. The latter might even occur when the vehicle is standing still.

Massive Number of Vehicles Included in Latest Airbag Recall

A global recall including over 3 million vehicles was recently issued by auto manufacturers Honda, Nissan, Toyota and General Motors due to faulty airbags made Takata Corp. Due to a product defect, there is a chance that metal canisters housed in the airbag system may explode upon deployment, possibly spraying metal shrapnel that could seriously injure passengers.

Faulty Airbag Injury Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 284 people actually died from airbag faults between 1990 and 2007; one-hundred eighty of those were children. The NHTSA also reports that there were 618 injuries, not including death, from 1980-1994. Last November, Chrysler reported 81 minor injuries during its recall of almost 750,000 vehicles.

As car manufacturers continue to find ways to improve passenger safety, consumers need to stay informed about the latest car safety features and recalls. This is especially true because companies are not only adding additional airbags but also installing them in different places. In fact, the new Dodge Dart has 10 airbags!

Car manufacturers are also incorporating new technology, such as inflatable seat belts, different gases used for inflation, and smaller circuit boards. Although these are usually improvements, there is more that can go wrong. It pays to be vigilant.

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