Will the New Car Seat Law Help Reduce Child Injuries Caused by Car Accidents in Tampa?

new car seat rules latchThere is a new recommendation from National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration concerning child car seats that safety experts hope will reduce child injuries throughout the country.

Let’s take a look at the car seat rules and how they may help reduce child injuries caused by car accidents here in Tampa.

What is the problem with current car seat regulations?

The LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) is designed to make car seats easier for parents to install with easy to use anchors that latch onto the seat. Most car seats in recent model vehicles are designed to work with the LATCH system.

The problem is that the weight of actual car seats can fluctuate considerably from one model to the next. While the NHTSA had recommended that parents take advantage of the LATCH system in the past, the weight of the car seats themselves was not taken into account by auto manufacturers in the development of the anchors used for car seats.

How are car seat regulations changing?

The new NHTSA recommendation for car seat safety takes these weight issues into consideration. Car seat manufacturers are now required to instruct parents not to use the LATCH system if the combined weight of the car seat and the child is over 65 pounds in vehicles made since 2001.

According to USA Today, many children will no longer be required to ride in car seats using these lower anchors starting in early 2014. Parents are instructed to weigh their child and their car seat separately to determine if the combined weight is more than 65 pounds. If so, the seat belt method should be used for securing the car seat rather than the LATCH system.

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