Research Reveals Dangers of Multitasking with Driving

mutlitasking drivingA recent study from the University of Utah indicates that drivers who use cell phones the most often are particularly inefficient at multitasking.

While the study revealed that most individuals believed that they had above-average multitasking abilities, these individuals were the most likely ones to use cell phones or similar devices while driving.

This research was conducted at a time when many states and municipalities are creating laws banning the use of cell phones while driving. Other areas are imposing punishments on individuals who text and drive simultaneously. Other laws exist that prevent anyone under the age of 18 from using a cell phone or texting while driving.

The study was peer-reviewed and designed to analyze the relationship between an individual’s personality and his ability to multitask, particularly emphasizing the individual’s ability to multitask while he or she drove.

Approximately 275 undergraduate students were asked how often they multitasked, how good that they believed they were at multitasking and how impulsive these individuals believed that they were. The study resulted in the alarming finding that individuals who report using cell phones the most are the worst multitaskers.

While the ability to multitask generally considered being a positive trait, this study reached a different conclusion. They found that multitasking individuals completed multiple assignments at once because they were unable to focus on just one activity at a time. The authors of the study are looking to expand on the research by investigating why individuals choose to text and drive even though it is widely known to be a dangerous activity.

This study is not the only one to note that texting while driving is a dangerous activity. A study in 2008 reached the conclusion that individuals who drive while they are using cell phones have their driving impacted in a similar manner as to individuals who drink and drive.

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