Local Tractor Trailer Accident Results in Traffic Delays but No Serious Injuries

A recent Tampa truck accident involving an overturned truck and several crushed cars shocked passing drivers with the appearance of having caused numerous injuries. Fortunately, the collision only involved a tractor trailer that had lost control and overturned while hauling a number of vehicles down the interstate.

Michael Hall was driving the truck for International Core Supply and turning onto the I-275 from Bearss Avenue when the accident occurred. The 39-year old is uncertain as to the actual cause of the accident but stated that he could feel the semi-truck’s load shifting as he merged onto the interstate resulting in the entire vehicle turning over. Mr Hall was the only person involved in the accident and suffered a small cut at the back of his head.

Investigations are now under way into the cause of the accident. Mr Hall says he has held a professional driving licence since 1996 and has not had any previous accidents. Jeremy Chohen, a FHP trooper, said that that they would need to look at the weight of the vehicle and how fast Mr Hall was actually driving before determining what or who was responsible for the Tampa truck accident. There was also a state transport inspector on hand to help with the investigations.

Traffic on I-275 was unaffected by the Tampa truck accident but Bearss Avenue was completely closed. Drivers who were on Bearss Avenue at the time of the accident reported narrowly avoiding collisions of their own. However, by the time the truck and crushed cars were cleared from the area, there had not been any further car accidents, damages to vehicles or further injuries as a result of the Tampa truck accident.