How Improper Tire Pressure Puts Drivers at Risk for Accidents

tire pressureProperly maintained tires play a crucial rule in road safety that some drivers ignore at their own peril. By regularly checking your vehicle for tire proper pressure, you can help do your part in ensuring that our road’s are as safe as possible.

If a vehicle’s tires have uneven tread or inflation, then a vehicle is not stable. Any defects or inadequate pressure or inflation can cause some serious accidents. In the United States, this is one of the major causes of accidents.

Leeds Tire Check

A recent study conducted in Leeds, England highlighted just how many vehicles are being currently operated with improper tire pressure. The severity of the problem was highlight by a recent tire check in the United Kingdom.

Out of all of the vehicles that were included in the study, only 12% of which were found to have the correct tire pressure. 47% of the vehicles had tire pressure that was dangerously low, and 6% were discovered to have pressure that was very dangerously low.

Tire Tread and Safety Issues

It is important to maintain the right amount of tire pressure so that vehicles are balanced and safe. Otherwise, unnecessary strain is placed on certain parts of the cars, tires wear out and a blow out can occur. When traveling on a highway, this can result in a life-threatening accident.

Over- and under-inflation are both causes for concern. A defect in tires’ tread and basic wear and tear increases the likelihood of an accident. Rollover accidents and blowouts can cause some serious issues.

Tire Pressure Checks

Experts recommend that people check their vehicle’s tire pressure on a monthly basis. Inflating the tires takes just a moment. In turn, this will lengthen the lifespan of the vehicles and prevent issues from happening. If there are consistent issues with maintain proper tire pressure, vehicle owners should visit a mechanic to have the tires inspected.

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