Four Types of Medical Errors Associated with Malpractice Injuries

medicationIf a healthcare provider commits a medical error, the patient may have a claim against him or her for medical malpractice. Some of the most common types of medical errors are explained below.

Diagnostic Error

A diagnostic error occurs when a healthcare provider does not accurately diagnose the patient. While some symptoms are common to multiple conditions, a healthcare provider is expected to assess the symptoms and order tests that will narrow the potential diagnosis. Sometimes, the healthcare provider should refer the patient to a specialist.

If the healthcare provider misses the important link between the patient’s symptoms and a possible medical condition, he or she may misdiagnose the patient. Other diagnostic errors include a delayed diagnosis, failure to request tests that could help reveal the condition in a timely manner or failure to react appropriately when test results come in.

Treatment Error

A healthcare provider could make a treatment error if he or she does not treat the patient appropriately. To determine the appropriate treatment, a healthcare provider must take several factors into consideration, such as the patient’s age, health, current prescription medicine regimen and reactions to previous treatment.

A health care provider may make a mistake when he or she performs an operation or other medical procedure. He or she may also lack the necessary consent from the patient. Another treatment error may occur when the healthcare provider administers an inappropriate amount or kind of medication.

Preventative Error

Healthcare providers have a continued duty to treat their patients while they are in their care. This duty includes taking steps to prevent further medical debilitation. A healthcare provider may commit a preventative error when he or she fails to prevent infection or a foreseeable complication. Another way that healthcare providers can commit preventative errors is when proper patient monitoring or follow-up care is not present.

Other Types of Medical Errors

Other medical errors may occur that are not explained above. There are many variables in medical treatment, and any of these variables may be linked to a healthcare error. For example, a healthcare provider may use equipment that fails or a medical device that malfunctions.

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