Federal Agency Waives CDL Requirements for Military Veterans Returning as Truckers

military veterans as truck driversSince 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has waived some requirements for veterans to obtain a commercial driver’s license. The initiative has encouraged some trucking companies to actively recruit veterans who may offer a variety of advantages, such as an increased work ethic and dedication to the job.

Due to the ongoing shortage of qualified truck drivers, many truck companies have been taking advantage of the initiative in order to stay staffed with qualified truckers.

For a veteran to qualify for the initiative, he or she must meet several requirements. For example, he or she must have had two years of driving experience before they were discharged from the military service.

They must also have a clean driving record, only one driver’s license in the past two years, have certification of the vehicle they drive and have certification regarding how long they have operated the vehicle. They must also pass the written portion of the commercial driver’s license test.

At this point, 44 states have adopted the initiative. Each state has the discretion to allow veterans to acquire their CDL by only passing the written part of the test. The initiative allows veterans to receive their CDL without having to pass the skills driving portion of the test.

However, some are against the initiative because they feel that the drivers may not actually be qualified without having to pass all of the normal requirements to acquire a CDL. Before getting a CDL, most individuals must undertake training and practice.

Individuals who oppose the initiative believe that driving a tractor trailer have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that all motorists on the roadway are kept safe. When safety standards are not complied with, commercial vehicles and their drivers can become very dangerous.

However, initiatives like these may help prevent dangerous truck fleet practices such as grass-hopping. Grass-hopping is an unscrupulous industry trend in which trucking companies decrease their standards by permitting unqualified or reprimanded truck drivers fill positions, including truckers with a history of truck accidents or safety violations.

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