Federal Agency Hopes to Improve Workplace Injury Prevention with New Rules

OSHA and workplace injuriesThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed a new set of rules for tracking workplace injuries and illnesses that the federal agency hopes will be helpful in workplace injury prevention.

The new rules have been proposed in response to a recent report by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Although the report shows that there continues to be a reduction in workplace fatalities, OSHA has stated that there continues to be room for improvement in workplace safety overall.

What would the new rules for reporting workplace injuries entail?

At the heart of the new proposed rules is a fundamental change in how workplace illnesses and injuries are reported and tracked. Employers are already required by OSHA to keep records of workplace injuries and work-related illnesses. The new rules would require employers to begin submitting these records to the agency electronically so that they can be tracked and studied easier.

How often employers would be required to submit these records under the new proposed rules would depend on the size of the employer’s workforce. For example, employers with over 250+ employees would need to send in their records once a quarter. Employers of less than 20 employees in high risk industries would need to submit their records once a year.

How will the new reporting methods improve workplace injury prevention?

OSHA intends to use these records track occupational injuries much more effectively than it is able to do under current report methods. This data could then be used to generate more accurate workplace injury statistics and respond appropriately with the necessary workplace injury prevention programs.

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