Civil Complaint Involving Tampa Car Accident “Summarily Ignored”

In 2010, the 54-year-old grandmother was involved in an Tampa car accident with Aqib Talib, a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The accident, which took place on Westshore Boulevard near the intersection with Spruce, seemed relatively minor at the time. According to Atwood, however, Talib lost his temper and threatened to “put a cap” in her.

Atwood’s claim is supported by the tape of a 911 call she placed shortly after the accident. On the tape, which was recorded by the Tampa Police Department, Atwood describes the accident and states that a man is standing outside her car and yelling at her. She does not, however, mention any specific threats.

Given the excitement and chaos surrounding the accident, Atwood did not immediately notice she had been injured, and she told the 911 dispatcher and the investigating officer that she was unharmed. According to Atwood’s attorneys, however, she discovered her injuries the next morning and promptly sought medical treatment. Talib’s attorneys point to this as evidence that she fabricated the injuries.

While Talib has offered Atwood a settlement to cover her medical expenses, Atwood’s attorneys claim that the amount of the settlement indicates that Talib does not recognize the severity of the allegations Atwood has brought against him.

Atwood’s Tampa personal injury attorneys have filed a complaint on her behalf, claiming in part that the Tampa Police Department “summarily ignored” her accusations against the football player.