Car Crashes Into Pond; Driver is Saved by Brave Citizens

Clearwater, FL – A normal commute for a driver on State Route 580, near McMullen Booth Road, quickly turned into a life-threatening, submerged automobile rescue scene.

Around 3:15PM, an unidentified male driver veered off of the road and crashed into a retention pond.  The car barreled through a fence on its way into the pond and became completely submerged within seconds.

Another selfless driver who witnessed the crash took immediate action to help the motorist trapped in the pond. Nearby, others quickly contacted Clearwater Police.

The other driver, Brian Quinn of Safety Harbor, witnessed the entire mishap and immediately sprung into action.

Quinn was among three people who had entered the pond to assist before police arrived on the scene.

Quinn claimed the he was stunned by the depth of the pond.  He was in “chest-deep water,” as he stood atop the roof of the submerged vehicle.

After managing to open the car door, he began by feeling around under the water with his feet, and quickly determined that the driver was strapped in and stuck in his seatbelt.

Another Good Samaritan, who had stopped to assist Quinn, swam in with a knife to cut the seatbelt and free the trapped driver.

Crucial time had passed since the rescue effort began, and the driver was not breathing by the time he was freed and brought to shore. By that time, emergency responders from Clearwater Fire & Rescue had arrived and began performing CPR.

The paramedics successfully obtained a pulse, and the victim was rushed to Bayfront Medical Center.

Following the accident, emergency responders spoke with Quinn and the others who had jumped in to assist and applauded their efforts.

Quinn stated, “I always thought that I would be one of those people that sits on the sideline.”

Fortunately for the driver in the submerged vehicle, people may think one way theoretically, but then answer the call honorably when tested in the actual situation.

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