Avoid Bicycle Accident Injuries with These Cycling Safety Tips

bicycle safety checkThe bright and sunny weather common during this time of year in Tampa encourages many people to begin getting their bikes out. However, with more bicycles on the road, more bike accidents are likely to occur.

Thankfully, there are several steps that cyclists can take to help prevent these accidents from occurring this season.

Get a Tune-Up

Just like cars, bikes need an occasional tune-up to ensure that they are in good working order. If a bike is not properly maintained, its safety components may not work properly and a person may unnecessarily get hurt in the process. Another situation that can arise during a safety inspection is a defective part may be identified.

A cause of action may be available for a person who is injured due to defective products caused by manufacturers, distributors and local vendors. Even individuals and businesses that sell and manufacture well-crafted and high quality bikes may be responsible for a person’s injury that was caused by a defective product.

Wear a Helmet

Although wearing a helmet alone will not prevent an accident, it can mitigate the effects of an accident. Statistics indicate that bike helmets can help reduce the risk of a person sustaining a head injury up to 85 percent when the cyclist falls or is struck. However, helmets are most effective when the cyclist wears the proper type. Helmet styles vary, and there are different types of helmets for each type of sport.

For example, federal safety standards exist for bicycle helmets which differ from the standards for skateboard helmets. Before purchasing a helmet, a cyclist should ensure that the helmet is designed for cycling, rather than mountain climbing, ATV riding or other activity. Checking the inner lining can help determine how much padding will be able to help with a blow.

Look for Help from Experts

When purchasing a helmet for a child, it is essential to take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of these children. Children can sustain serious injuries or die from bicycle accidents. The CPSC and ASTM have standards regarding bike helmets that consumers can look to for more information.

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