Allstate Releases Report on America’s Safest Cities for Driving

Those who are looking to move to safer area for driving may want to consult the Allstate Insurance companies’ “Allstate America’s Best Driver’s Report”. Allstate insurance company has released this report each year for the last seven years to determine the safest areas in the country for drivers.

Ft. Collins, Colorado won the award this year as the safest city in the United States to drive in. Drivers in Ft. Collins only experience a collision with another car every 14 years on average.

The safest big city for driving (population over 1 million) was Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix actually ranked fairly high in the overall rankings as it was ranked 55th. The next highest city over with a population of 1 million was San Diego at 117th place.

The driving report also bodes well nationally for drivers in terms of safety. The report found that automobile crashes as a whole are down nationwide. This is a trend that has been going on for the last few years. This is partly in thanks to the increased safety technology that is being used in the manufacturing of new cars. It may also be a result of various campaigns to curb human behavior that could cause accidents like the popular campaign to stop texting while driving.

Even though the number of collisions declined, there were still over 32,000 deaths last year in automobile accidents in United States. This number is despite the efforts that automobile companies are working towards making their cars safer in the event of a collision.

Tampa Bay, Florida was ranked 183rd in the United States when it came to safe driving last year. According to the safe driving report by the Allstate Insurance Company, residents of the city of Tampa Bay get into an automobile collision about every 6 years.

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