Airborne Car Crashes Into Vehicles Sending Three To Hospital

Saturday afternoon, Jake Jimenez was the driver of the car that witnesses say was traveling at a high rate of speed when entering the intersection of Littleton Road and US 41 in the North Fort Myers area. His speed was such that witnesses claim his car was airborne entering the intersection after hitting a bump. Traveling east on Littleton Road, he lost control of his car and struck three vehicles that were waiting at the light headed west.

Jimenez moved across the lane dividers and struck two vehicles. The second was struck with such force to move it off the road and flipping it upside down into a ditch by the side of the road. The driver’s car then began to spin and a third car was hit. This last vehicle was a pickup truck that had its windshield smashed with the front tires of the speeding car. Jimenez was arrested, the particular charges against him have not yet been filed.

Although the Florida Highway patrol has stated that none of the injuries were life threatening, five of the people in the accident were taken to nearby hospitals with three of them listed in serious condition. The other two had minor injuries.

Carrie Pitt, who was in the first car to get hit, said that everything happened very fast, and she wasn’t sure what had happened. Michael Lobbestael, who was in the pick-up truck, said he didn’t even remember what happened, but when he got out of the truck, he heard everyone screaming.

For those who have sustained injuries in an accident such as this, it is important to go to the hospital for treatment as well as documentation. This is true even if you think your injuries are only minor. A Tampa car accident attorney may be able to assist you better in getting compensation after an incident such as this, but early medical treatment can be a crucial element.