Six Safety Tips for Truck and Bus Drivers

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Professional truck and bus drivers in our region have a particular responsibility for adhering to the laws and regulations covering highway safety. The repercussions for failing to follow the proper safety procedures can be tragic and may result in requiring the assistance of an experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer.

  • Maintain Your Vehicle Properly. Be sure to inspect your vehicle for safety concerns before every trip and have your brakes checked on a regular basis.
  • Stay healthy and well rested. Spending more time on the road than you are permitted puts both your livelihood and other drivers at risk. Stay off the road if you are not feeling well or need to sleep.
  • Be vigilant of your “No-Zone.” The No-Zone consists of the blind spots around your vehicle. 30% of all truck accidents involve other vehicles that were driving in this area at the time of the collision. Remember that many drivers are unaware of the dangers of driving in your No-Zone.
  • Stay alert in construction areas. Highway work zones require truck and bus drivers to be particularly alert. Slow down while driving through a work zone and give yourself more room than usual.
  • Avoid tailgating. You may be found at fault if you hit someone from behind regardless of who was responsible. Maintaining a proper distance from other vehicles is one of the easiest ways to remain safe on the road.
  • Avoid aggressive drivers. As much as two-thirds of all traffic related fatalities are said to be caused by aggressive drivers. Keep your distance from other drivers who appear to be driving aggressively and maintain a safe speed.

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