7 Recommended Techniques for Driving in the Rain

Due to the bouts of severe weather that our region is known for, not knowing how to drive safely during a storm can increase your chances of being involved in a car accident and possibly needing a Tampa personal injury lawyer. The seven driving techniques provided below are designed to help local drivers drive responsibly in the rain and get home safe.

  1. Give yourself more time. Rushing through inclement weather is dangerous. Allow for more time and a plan on driving a little slower when the roads are wet.
  2. Turn on your headlights. Even during a light shower, your headlights help you see the road and ensure that other drivers can see you.
  3. Defog your front and rear windows. Switch on the front and rear defrosters as well as the AC to maintain a clear line of sight.
  4. Do not use cruise control. Not only do drivers tend to be less vigilant when they’re using cruise control, this feature can actually cause your vehicle to speed up if you happen to hydroplane.
  5. Brake carefully if you hydroplane. Slamming on the brakes or abruptly swerving your steering wheel while hydroplaning may cause your vehicle to spin out of control. Safety experts recommend slowly releasing the gas pedal, steering straight and lightly tapping the brakes until you regain traction.
  6. Brake earlier. This increases the stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front of you while informing the car behind you that you are slowing down.
  7. Exercise caution after a dry spell. As Edmonds.com points out, grease and engine oil tends to build up on our roadways during bouts of dry weather. This can cause roads to become particularly slick during the first hours of a new rainfall.

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